CO2 Smartline

CO2 Laser cutting machines are losing ground to fiber laser cutting machines, one of the most prominent developments in the industrial thermal cutting processes. However, there is still a demand for CO2 laser cutting machines, especially for their high production capacities in sheet thicknesses up to 30mm. In fact, one of TCI Cutting’s CO2 laser cutting machines, from the Smartline CO2 series, has recently been shipped to India.

Fiber laser cutting machines will continue to evolve and this is a focus for the TCI Cutting R&D team. However TCI Cutting consider it necessary to maintain the production of CO2 laser cutting machines due to their special characteristics that meet very specific needs for some customers.

The CO2 laser cutting machines in the Smartline series have been developed to provide high quality cutting for both thin and thick materials. It is the appropriate technology for cutting iron in large volume at all thicknesses. It can also cut materials like wood, acrylic, glass, paper, textiles, plastics, leather and stone.

The TCI Cutting Smartline series CO2 laser cutting machines are available with power output from 1kW to 3kW.