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Speedline 3060

TCI Cutting introduced a new model and premiered a large format laser machine: The Speedline Fiber 3060 6kW. An installation with a cutting area of 3150 x 6100, able to process one sheet of 3 x 6 meters or two separate sheets of 1,5 x 6 meters.

The new Speedline differs from the well known Smartline in the way the bridge with the cutting head moves relative to the sheet, it moves parallel to the shorter side of the sheet. The result is a shorter and lighter bridge with more aggressive kinematic qualities. The Speedline allows higher speed and acceleration, resulting in higher productivity.

However, these are not the only innovations. It is the first system that has been equipped with two cutting heads. So despite its large size, it maintains high productivity by cutting with both heads and it provides our customer the ability to cut large pieces to expand their market.

In this new machine configuration, the automatic table changing system is mounted at the back. It leaves the frontal zone free and offers clean and clear access to the interior of the machine.