Dynamic Fiber

Dynamicline Fiber is pure power, without losing sight of electrical and productive efficiency. With its high cutting power and its design that includes linear motors, the possibility of cutting thicknesses of up to 30 mm reaching an acceleration of 3G and an accuracy of 3 … more

Industry 4.0

All cutting solutions from TCI Cutting are fully integrated into Industry 4.0, a concept that the company champions thanks to the tools it designs and produces to fully digitize companies and their production processes. With the two powerful manufacturing management systems PROmanager and Smarttouch , … more


Innovation is one of the priorities of TCI Cutting, which every year increases its investments in cutting-edge developments to remain a leader of European manufactured machines. International recognition has been evident in the most important machine tool exhibitions in which TCI Cutting has been present … more


Growth at TCI Cutting is parallel to that of its facilities. With the launch of the new factory that is being built next to the current ones, TCI Cutting will change its production philosophy, reducing production times and improving the competitiveness of its products. The … more


The Dreamline makes the production of complex cuts a simple task. The powerful bridge that houses the 3D cutting head, allows the creation of cutting programs with multiple angles for the same piece. The five-axis or 3D cutting head of TCI Cutting is the only … more

Smarttube Fiber

The Smarttube Fiber is capable of processing tubes from 20 millimeters to 220 millimeters as well as square profiles, two essential elements in a wide range of sectors. The five axis head of this machine opens infinity of possibilities since it allows to cut both … more


EuroBLECH has been serving the sheet metal working industry as the leading international trade exhibition for almost fifty years. The event is a showcase for technological developments, an economic and trend barometer as well as a marketplace for business on a global scale. At EuroBLECH … more


Smartline Fiber

Production has begun on the new Smartline 6.0 kW Fiber laser cutting machine. 2.0 mm aluminium cuts at 32 metres per minute. 3.0 mm mild steel cut with N2 at 17 metres per minute. 1.0 mm stainless steel cuts at 45 metres per minute.


TCI Smartline

The Smartline 6.0 kW Fiber has been commissioned and is now ready for production. Software training is also complete so the customer now has a new, super fast addition to their laser cutting facility.


Commissioning of the Smartline 6.0 kW has begun. Commissioning includes teaching the table positioning, software compatibility and CE safety compliance etc. Once the service technicians have ticked all the commissioning boxes, they will begin training the customer.