Smartline Fiber

Production has begun on the new Smartline 6.0 kW Fiber laser cutting machine. 2.0 mm aluminium cuts at 32 metres per minute. 3.0 mm mild steel cut with N2 at 17 metres per minute. 1.0 mm stainless steel cuts at 45 metres per minute.


TCI Smartline

The Smartline 6.0 kW Fiber has been commissioned and is now ready for production. Software training is also complete so the customer now has a new, super fast addition to their laser cutting facility.


Commissioning of the Smartline 6.0 kW has begun. Commissioning includes teaching the table positioning, software compatibility and CE safety compliance etc. Once the service technicians have ticked all the commissioning boxes, they will begin training the customer.

Installation continues…

The Smartline Fiber has been built. Commissioning about to begin. Immediately after the machine is commissioned, the customer will be trained on all aspects of operation, including programming / nesting software. The customer will begin production straight after training is completed.


Installation has begun on the latest Smartline 6.0 kW fiber laser cutting machine in Australia. The machine, manufactured by TCI Cutting, is replacing a 6.0 kW CO2 and will be operational soon.

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