The BP-H series high pressure waterjet cutting machines is designed for the most demanding customers requiring a housed cutting system for safe, clean and low noise 3D waterjet cutting.
Flexibility and adaptability are key in order to remain competitive in today’s market where new challenges are constantly posed. This is why TCI Cutting has developed the BP-H series.
The BP-H series of high pressure waterjet cutting machines is characterized by maximum height control on the Z axis up to 500 mm, resulting in a unique versatility to meet customer requirements.
BP-H 3015 X=3,000mm Y=1,500mm Z=500mm
BP-H 3020 X=3,000mm Y=2,000mm Z=500mm
BP-H 2040 X=2,000mm Y=4,000mm Z=500mm
BP-H 3060 X=3,000mm Y=6,000mm Z=500mm
BP-H 3080 X=3,000mm Y=8,000mm Z=500mm
BP-H 4060 X=4,000mm Y=6,000mm Z=500mm
BP-H 4080 X=4,000mm Y=8,000mm Z=500mm
Maximum thickness of the workpiece 200mm
Maximum permitted load 790Kg/m2
Maximum number of bridges 1
Number of waterjet cutting heads 1 to 4
Maximum simultaneous positioning speed 70m/min
Maximum cutting speed 20m/min
Machine tolerance VDL/DGQ3441 +-0.05mm/m
Repeatability precision +-0.025mm/m