Robustness and flexibility, the BP-M series high pressure water jet cutting machine incorporates the advantages of the standard series, with the added strength that is required by very demanding customers in order to cut thick and large surface area materials.
The modular construction of these water jet cutting machines simplifies transport and offers customers more flexibility, allowing machine extensions to meet future cutting requirements by adding new modules, a second cutting head or a new bridge with more heads. The possibilities to adapt the high pressure water jet cutting machine configuration to the needs of the customer are endless. In this way we ensure efficiency both in the present and in the future.
BP-M 2040 X=2,000mm Y=4,000mm Z=200mm
BP-M 3020 X=3,000mm Y=2,000mm Z=200mm
BP-M 3060 X=3,000mm Y=6,000mm Z=200mm
BP-M 3080 X=3,000mm Y=8,000mm Z=200mm
BP-M 30120 X=3,000mm Y=12,000mm Z=200mm
BP-M 4060 X=4,000mm Y=6,000mm Z=200mm
BP-M 4080 X=4,000mm Y=8,000mm Z=200mm
BP-M 40120 X=4,000mm Y=12,000mm Z=200mm
Maximum thickness of the workpiece 200mm
Maximum permitted load 1.000Kg/m2
Maximum number of bridges 4
Number of waterjet cutting heads 1 to 4
Maximum simultaneous positioning speed 70m/min
Maximum cutting speed 20m/min
Machine tolerance VDL/DGQ3441 +-0.05mm/m
Repeatability precision +-0.025mm/m