CMA 1200-H Sliding Table
Laser Cutting Machine

Double working tables, auto exchanging table from left to right, cutting and loading material can be done in the same time
Work efficiency increases100%, 10%material consumption decrease and no abrasion on the base board
Fast continuous curve cutting, the highest curve cutting speed: 30 m/ min
Laser power and cutting speed automatic matching function to ensure good corner cutting result
USB2.0 high-speed port
Full opto-coupler isolation system with high-speed differential input and output circuit design, the signal is not distorted in long-distance transmission, strong anti-jamming capability, the system achieves12 output and16 input status with user friendly interface
128 files can be saved for the off-line computer work, which is proper for large quantity and repeat processing
Save labor costs: one worker can operate more than 10 units after training
CMA 1200-H 1,200x600 mm
Laser power 80W/100W/130W
Wavelength 10.64μm
Max speed 20m/min
Weight 374kg
Overall dimensions 4,500x1,160x1,170mm