Non-metal Laser Cutting Machine

Rack & pinion double drive +crossbeam belt structure. Laser source is installed at the bottom of the machine. Through special constant light compensation design to achieve stable, high speed cutting & engraving function.
Machine body is made of reinforced welding frame, 600℃ heat treatment and vibration aging to do stress release and then under finishing milling to get high stability and to keep the deformation tolerance within ± 0.02mm;
High strength aluminum alloy is adopted for the beam structure to ensure faster and smoother running;
Support for MDF, acrylics and the other materials cutting.
CMA1325C-G-I 1,300x2,500mm
Working area 1,300x2,500mm
Laser power 130W/350W
Max speed 70m/min
Positioning accuracy ±0.05mm/1,000mm
Repositioning accuracy ±0.03mm/1,000mm
Total weight 2,300Kg
Overall dimension 4,170x2,350x1,260mm