The Mach One series press brakes are designed to meet the bending needs of customers at very competitive prices, with their advanced electrical and mechanical characteristics.
They help to increase productivity and keep costs at a minimum, with an easy to use CNC and low hydraulic maintenance costs. The new press brakes by TCI Cutting are ideal for complicated, precise, unique or repetitive high speed bending.
With our vast experience and industry knowledge, we have incorporated as a standard on our machines, all the equipment necessary to provide flexibility and speed that allows customers to minimize production costs.
3175 175T 3 meters 175 tons 410 mm
4020 200T 4 meters 200 tons 410 mm
ATTRIBUTES 3175 175T 4020 200T
Bending length 3000 mm. 4000 mm.
Distance between columns 2600 mm. 3400 mm.
Tonnage 175 tons. 220 tons.
Throat depth 410 mm. 410 mm.
Stroke length 275 mm. 275 mm.
Maximum distance between table and punch 550 mm. 550 mm.
Back gauge range 800 mm. 800 mm.
Working height 900 mm. 900 mm.
Approach speed (adjustable) 180 mm/sec. 180 mm/sec.
Bending speed (adjustable) 12 mm/sec. 12 mm/sec.
Return speed 190 mm/sec. 190 mm/sec.
Motor power 15 KW. 20 KW.
Oil capacity 300 l. 320 l.
Approximate Weight 10 tons. 13 tons.