Mach Fiber Laser Cutting System

Better laser beam quality, lower operating costs,less power consumption and longer working life due to using the new generation IPG fiber laser source.
Equipped with PRECITEC new generation pro-cutter laser cutting head, Optimized cutting process, monitoring cutting conditions through“APP”.
Optimized cutting technology with Programmable laser frequency and focus position, to achieve high efficiency processing on different thickness & metals. All cutting parameters can be programmed, no need for human intervention, easy to use.
Mach 3015 Fiber 3,000x1,500 mm
Mach 4020 Fiber 4,000x2,000 mm
Mach 6025 Fiber 6,000x2,500 mm
Power Output From 4,000 W to 12,000 W
Transmission system Synchronized direct driving system
Loading method Hydraulic shuttle tables
Max speed 240 m/min
Maximum axial acceleration 2.4g
Position accuracy ±0.05mm (VDI/DGQ 3441)
Reposition accuracy ±0.03mm(VDI/DGQ 3441)