DDM Laser

Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation

Laser Cutting CO2


A laser is a device that generates a collimated beam of “raw” heat energy. Standing alone it has extremely limited potential. However, its output, when directed and manipulated with respect to a workpiece, has consistency that makes it ideally suited for automated processing.

To accomplish this, lasers must be integrated as part of larger systems. In addition to the laser, each system features beam delivery components, a method of material handling, and a control system to govern its action. These systems range from simple set-ups where material is moved linearly under a fixed beam to sophisticated multi-axis motion systems used for three-dimensional contour cutting.

Components of the beam delivery system are those that accept the beam from the laser, direct it to the workpiece, and condition it into a useable form of energy. For CO2 laser cutting, these generally include beam bending (fold) mirrors, a focusing assembly with lens, and a gas jet nozzle.

This guide in lasers is for those engaged in, or considering, laser cutting, and offers useful, practical information garnered from DDM Laser’s 20+ years experience in the laser industry.