DDM Laser

Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation

Laser Cutting Theory


Nozzle Lateral Adjustment (Spot)
Gas jet nozzle assemblies are usually integrated with the focusing assembly below the lens in order to develop the desired gas assist. A properly designed nozzle tip is very important to the cutting process. It can promote higher feedrates, and better quality with minimum gas consumption.

Nozzle adjustment is an important factor, ensuring that the beam emanates centrally through the orifice. Misalignment of the nozzle normally causes noticeable variations in cut quality with respect to the direction of the cutting traverse. Severe misalignment results in the laser beam hitting the inner walls of the nozzle, with consequent poor cutting performance, and heating of the nozzle and surrounding assembly.

The nozzle adjustment must be made whenever a lens is changed, or even if a lens is removed temporarily for cleaning. During a working shift, the operator might “tweak” this adjustment a few times; the slight changes in pointing angle of the beam (through the external optical system) account for this requirement.