The SM-M series waterjet cutting machine allows both the installation of a second independent cutting table as well as the extension of the main cutting table, thereby maximizing performance.
This waterjet cutting machine also offers the option of enclosure to facilitate clean and silent functioning and occupying minimal space in the cutting center. A unique feature of this machine is its ability to cut using two independent cutting arms, located in two different work areas.
The SM-M series features a highly flexible waterjet cutting machine range available in modular form, thus enabling the customer to rapidly adapt in accordance with his requirements and to continue to expand to meet the waterjet cutting productivity needs.
SM-M 3015 X=3,000mm Y=1,500mm Z=200mm
SM-M 3020 X=3,000mm Y=2,000mm Z=200mm
SM-M 4020 X=4,000mm Y=2,000mm Z=200mm
SM-M 6020 X=6,000mm Y=2,000mm Z=200mm
Maximum thickness of the workpiece 200mm
Maximum permitted load 790Kg/m2
Maximum number of arms 4
Number of waterjet cutting heads 1 to 2
Maximum simultaneous positioning speed 60m/min
Maximum cutting speed 20m/min
Machine tolerance VDL/DGQ3441 +-0.05mm/m
Repeatability precision +-0.025mm/m