Profitability and accessibility are the principal characteristics of the TCI Cutting SM-S series high pressure waterjet cutting machine. It is capable to satisfy most common cutting requirements.
The SM-S series waterjet cutting machine, offers the possibility to use multiple cutting arms independently while cutting any geometric shape.
This series waterjet cutting machine is characterized by its accessibility, excellent price-perfomance ratio and economic maintenance costs.
SM-S 3015 X=3,000mm Y=1,500mm Z=200mm
SM-S 3020 X=3,000mm Y=2,000mm Z=200mm
SM-S 4020 X=4,000mm Y=2,000mm Z=200mm
SM-S 6020 X=6,000mm Y=2,000mm Z=200mm
Maximum thickness of the workpiece 200mm
Maximum permitted load 790Kg/m2
Maximum number of arms 4
Number of waterjet cutting heads 1
Maximum simultaneous positioning speed 60m/min
Maximum cutting speed 20m/min
Machine tolerance VDL/DGQ3441 +-0.05mm/m
Repeatability precision +-0.025mm/m