Wind Fiber Laser Cutting System

High precision servo motor and transmission system, this system enjoys high precision, big transmission torque and good dynamics. Equipped with PRECITEC new generation pro-cutter laser cutting head, Optimized cutting process, monitoring cutting conditions through“APP”. Optimized cutting technology with Programmable laser frequency and focus position, to achieve high efficiency processing on different thickness & metals. All cutting parameters can be programmed, no need for human intervention, easy to use.
Auto exchanging table with Hydraulic lifting system; ensure synchronous running, reliable and stable.
Wind 3015 Fiber 3,000x1,500 mm
Wind 4020 Fiber 4,000x2,000 mm
Wind 6025 Fiber 6,000x2,500 mm
Wind 8025 Fiber 8,000x2,500 mm
Power Output From 3,000 W to 12,000 W
Transmission system Synchronized direct driving system
Loading method Hydraulic shuttle tables
Max speed 200 m/min
Maximum axial acceleration 2.0g
Position accuracy ±0.05mm (VDI/DGQ 3441)
Reposition accuracy ±0.03mm(VDI/DGQ 3441)